Wednesday, August 19, 2015

You Are Here

If you are here right now it probably means you've come across The Gypsy Feet on facebook and you're likely wondering, "what is this? Some sort of fetish page?!" Well, it's not, unless you have a fetish for adventure... no actually, it's still not a fetish page.

This is the journal of over 300 individuals. You'll find fleeting thoughts, deep thoughts, insights, connections, adventures, stories, and lives along with an image - I think we might have invented "selfie"...

You're welcome to join us by sharing a snippet of your journey. Take a look and get a feel of what this is all about and if you feel so inclined, email me at

Welcome to The Gypsy Feet: A Revival.

*If you have a post on here I would especially love to hear from you! Send me an email and tell me how you're doing! Send me an email with a picture and the link to your post and make it extra special!