Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Love of Chucks.

These are my feet. This is my seventh pair of chuck taylors. These ones are low tops, and I got them in 2005. This was what they looked like in 2007, they look the same now, and I still wear them.

I originally bought this pair from a company in sweden, and hoped that they would make it on time for my degree show opening. I can't remember if they did or not. I don't think they did, but in my head I like to think they did. Ahh low tops.

This leaf was on the ground in Salt Lake City in temple square. My best friend Toni and I decided to take pictures of the weaping heart shaped dew covered lead, rather than the temple.

It is the leaf of love afterall.

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Laura said...

Ooooh yes. I love my black low tops. Love love love... I can't wait til I've had 7 pairs :D