Monday, January 19, 2009

Eight for Eight.

Happy New Two Thousand Nine...  Odd Numbers are just sublime.  To start it, and to end it here are eight,  that sum up the adventures of me in two thousand and eight.

Ireland. Family Feet. Easter. March 2008.

Brother. Sister. Walking. Countryside feet. April 2008.

Park. Sun. May Day. Hot. Photography. Feet. Grass. Alone.

First snow, First sun. Utah. May. 2008.

Sea Feet. Mediterranean. Sorrento. Italy.

Wedding feet. Best Friend. Donna. Daniel. Sorrento. Italy. September 2008.

Up Pompeii. Dirty feet. Italy backpacking. September. 2008. Alone.

Blasphemous Rome Feet. Punishment. Pain. Italy. September. 2008 Alone.

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