Monday, January 11, 2010

In India ah.

Here's one of the people who knew me when I was very young and I'm sure she has some stories that she'll keep to herself...

I love this picture,  taken at the very start of a very special holiday. A visit to India to attend my big sisters wedding blessing.    These shoes have seen some action and heard an immense amount of laughter.  My daughter's beach feet, with a gypsy twist.

(Is that a bra on the floor, Fiona?)

well,  now i'm just showing off.  Not my beautifully pedicured toenails, that's for sure. Alas, if someone approached me with a pumice stone and a pair of nailclippers - I may kill!  No no,  my gorgeous Olympus underwater camera.  Taken at the bottom of our hotel pool in Goa where my daughter had HOURS of fun (and I had hours of peace).  Amazing holiday,  gorgeous daughter,  beautiful country, shoddy toenail polish. oh well.


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