Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Furry Gypsy.

This is an ode to a future Gypsy. As of just now she's not been many places, she doesn't like leaving the house actually. She was born in another house, and spent a week in another house, but at the age of four years and seven weeks and six days she is pretty awesome thing to be around.

This is Zero the ghost cat, and she keeps my feet warm at night. She also scratches my feet at night because she thinks they are toys. She chases my feet and jumps on them and wraps her paws around my leg whenever I walk to or from the bathroom — she likes to get her pounce on.

I've spent a long and boring day selling things on ebay, and she has kept me company most of the day. The selling comes as phase one of my immigration, a process that will involve her.

My dear kitten will officially be a gypsy in a few months.

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