Friday, September 18, 2009

Mental mental chicken Oriental...

Things around here are MAD!
We're moving in a few day to California.
Mr. A left this morning to sign some paperwork in California and won't be back til Sunday night.
Loans, housing, schooling, packing, moving, working, editing...

We took a break last weekend and visited our good friends we hadn't seen since their wee man was a teeny wee man. The break was exactly what we needed - even though the ferry home was an hour late and I missed the excitement of it all because I dozed off.

Next time.

Don't forget to send us your pics.
You might just find yourself being 'feetured'!


Vikki Miller said...

I just gave one of those inside chuckles at 'feetured' heehee

*~Petra~* said...

I love this site. You inspired me to take a cute pic of my kids and hubbies feet on our last vacation and it is one of my favorite pics from the holiday. Thanks! :)