Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Questions and Answers

This evening was spectacular. What I thought was going to be an hour to an hour-and-a-half of slight boredom turned into 2.5hours of pure uplifting enjoyment.

I went to a talk by one of the high up religious leaders of my religion. It's quite a rare occurrence, and he lives in the USA. But he was visiting Scotland and he conducted a Questions and Answers session for 2 hours rather than talk at everyone in Scotland that wanted to attend.

The final gist of this Q&A session was an object lesson about not always looking for answers from specific people and always looking and researching the answer yourself.

It made me realise that quite often we do that in life, we always look for other people to answer our questions of what do I do now? How should I behave when I reach this age? or am I doing this right... is this normal?

But sometimes we already know the answer and we just have to do what we think is best for us and those that we love.

Before the main guy started speaking he had three other people give brief introduction talks and the first lady, who was from Portugal, challenged us all 'To be an answer to someone.' My interpretation of that is pretty much to look for opportunities to assist other people and be the help that they very well might be shouting out for.

Once everyone had left I stood on the stand in the very location that the main speaker had been standing. The image might not be very visually pleasing, but walking on the same ground as something that confident, and important is incredibly symbolic in itself.

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Laura said...

Are you pumped to "be someone's answer"?

Life is so exciting that way. We never know exactly what effect we have on the lives of others.