Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apple feet.

Most of my hours these days are consumed with working/playing/socialising/living/breathing/dancing for Apple.

Yes, I am now one of the electric blue t-shirted people that greet you with a smile and ask how you're doing, if you have any questions or need any help with choosing your new iPod, iMac, or MacBook.

It is actually (after the hard core training and settling in period) the best job I've ever had. The hours are amazing, the people are incredible and the work is far from boring, depressing, or monotonous. It is amazing.

The entire structure and business ethic of working there makes happiness.

And they gave me business cards that my feet (a tedious link) are modelling.

This is what occupies my days, and it is, in fact, part of 'the day in the life of...' ... me.

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Laura said...

Apple suits you Vikster.