Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I have a hobby...

I have many hobbies that could be deemed as strange. This one combines my political beliefs and photographing strangers.

I like to go to peace protest, and anti-war demonstrations, and nuclear disarmament marches... pretty much anything that combines home made signs, typography, a lot of interesting looking people from different wakes/genres/classes of society and passion for a cause.

The thing is, a lot of the time I have to go it a lone to these protest, and the best way to have the courage to do something on your own with a large group of people involved is to hide behind a camera.

I love these gypsy feet because I strongly believe that children brought up with values, passion and beliefs for something — for anything — and those that see their parents act and not just talk about them will grow up curious enough to develop their own well researched and strongly based passions, beliefs and opinions and act upon them also.

And passion for something outwith the material, fickle, consumerist, disposable realm, without a doubt, shapes character like nothing else can.

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