Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oot Scoot!

Wanna know a blog that I love? You do?! Check out Flight of the Thorups.
Here's a little taster from the rad Carla.

"We'd rather scoot than walk.  Hearing the engine start when you've kick-started, your feet dragging on the ground as you shift into first gear, holding the scooter up at stop lights while making sure you still look rad.  It's especially thrilling when wearing our Sunday best.  Don't let your tie fly in the wind! Make sure your skirt stays down!  Does my helmet match my dress? Our feet will forever travel in style, even if they get chilly in the ever changing seasons."

- Carla

1 comment:

Chiemi said...

Cute!! I love her little blue scooter! Sometimes I want a scooter for getting around town. Seeing hers makes me want one even more.