Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Go Beard Go.

A while ago from now... let's say about three years. I told someone that they had no other friends but me and that I was their only real friend and that I was their super best friend. This of course was one of those lame, over confident, non-real jokes.

Little did I know that I would actually become super best friends with that person.

Late last night he informed me that three people had literally e-bullied him that day. So, being the Glaswegian that I am I set about the three of them in an electronic manner. This actually lasted most of the day, and I somewhat baffled them rather than fought with them. In my opinion I won because my objective was achieved.

Alas. This foot blog today is called an Ode to Marcus and his beard, which I defended.

In true gypsy feet fashion here are his feet:

And his beard:

The reason I have a photo of his naked foot is unknown to me. I think he took it himself in the summer when I was visiting Salt Lake for my friend Toni's wedding, who is also a friend of Marcus'.

I can tell you that that night, on that screen, behind his foot, we watched, sang to, and danced while watching Mama Mia. I'm not a huge abba fan, but that movie is awesome.


Laura said...

I'm glad you stood up to those numpties. Reading your responses to them had me LAWLING! I'm not even kidding. I'll admit I wanted them to continue their stupidity because you were entertaining me immensely.

You are a super friend and that is a nice beard.

Anonymous said...

Aye...mawn the beard.

Vikki getting mad is one of my favorite things. Yup.

I loved our Mama Mia night...That was a room that had three of my all time favorite people in it!
One I sleep with every night and the other two who I love and mega miss.

Toni xxxx