Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shake it!

I'm in a rut so it's time to switch things up a bit.

I want to see pictures of the most beautiful things/places/faces you've ever had the chance to take pictures of. Send it to us at and tell us how you ended up taking the picture.

These pictures were taken when I did this post.
The sparkle and glistening of the glass table top after the rain makes me feel so thirsty! The colours are so dreamy. The table top alone was almost celestial (like Edward's skin, no? haha!) and then...

a quick change of perspective makes a surprising difference. Lying under the glass table and looking up at the sky.

It's like the whole point of The Gypsy Feet: It's up to us how we look at the world. And it's up to us if we share it.

Have you ever accidentally captured something amazingly beautiful on camera?
Show us!

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