Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year of adventuring:

January: Vikki shared her hobby with us, I went on my honeymoon 5 years after getting married and introduced you to various family members

February: Cjane introduced a lot of you to us and then you became gypsies. Liam showed us Fiji and shared a secret, Megan and I had a tea party and she shared some wisdom, Vikki played in the snow

March: Blue Lily was our guest and we started our photography challenges. Megan started her photo tributes and introduced us to loved ones, life was changing for me

April: Naomi of The Rockstar Diaries was our guest and I explained how The Gypsy Feet isn't about foot fetishes but adventures and my little sister shared a picture of her baby with 6 toes on one foot, Megan reminded us to believe and Vikki revisted her childhood

May: Xenia of Lime Crime makeup and Doe Deere Blogazine was our special guest. Megan shared her summer play list and Vikki went to an art gallery. I introduced you to my mum and we cheered someone up. We also had a foot hater share some thoughts.

June: Jasmine of Experiment in Poverty was a guest, Megan showed us how fun mum's can be, Liam showed us where he works and Brooke of Conversations with a Cupcake gave us a recipe

July: We were fascinated by the wagon masters boots, I had a Blue Lily adventure in Seattle, Vikki had computer trouble AND got engaged, J.Peri gave us some advice (and became one of my favourite bloggers), Megan enjoyed the journey

August: Things started getting quiet around here. Lindsay of Penguin Stand Alone showed us her skillz, I had the greatest road trip of my life during a very difficult summer, we met a princess and her guitar hero, Vikki made us drool and also taught us a lesson as did KatherineLeigh and Sarah Nicole

September: Things got quieter still... Vikki went climbing (and might have inspired a Miley Cyrus song?) and got sick, I moved state, Megan and Vikki both inspired us, Lissa shared her love story

October: I met Lindsay of Penguin Stands Alone in person and now we're BFF's, Vikki introduced us to her DNA and went people watching, Carla showed us how she scoots, my big brother took us on a tour of our hometown

November: Gussy and Dionne were our special guests, Vikki reminded us to remember, I celebrated sisterhood and a birthday

December: Gussy came back and did a giveaway, my big brother and his girl friend visited me for Christmas, Vikki had a white Christmas, Rachel showed us some beauty, Megan told us a secret, we met a beard called Marcus.

What a great year. Thank you all for being a part of our journey. Keep an eye on us in 2010, there's going to be lots happening.

Here's to 2010 and fresh adventures!

We want to see all your adventures.
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Chiemi said...

What a fabulously fun year! I have enjoyed reading every post. Keep it up!

j.peri said...

wonderful. :)
thank you!