Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In a few countries around the world 11th of November is a day to remember the end of World War one. It was the day that a ceasefire was announced and is commonly known as armistice day or remembrance day.

In the UK it is always publicised for weeks before, people show their support, appreciation and gratitude towards the service men and women that died fighting in that time. It has also come to be a day to remember all soldiers that have died in all wars.

To show support people wear poppies on their jackets because after World War One had ended the fields where several dead bodies fell and still lay grew poppies.

You seriously only have to watch 10 seconds of the ceremonies, united silences and services that were held today to feel emotion and instant gratitude for the lives lost.

This year is also the first year that there have been no survivors left to attend the services. The last three servicemen died earlier this year. Radiohead wrote a song to commemorate and remember the last World War Soldier alive called In Memory Of (Harry Patch).

11th of Novemeber is also pretty incredible because it's 11/11 and I love 11's.

So no feet today, just 11 of my very own shoes, with a single poppy.

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Laura said...

Lovely, Vikki. Thanks for incorporating that into your post today. It's very much appreciated.