Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Park Life.

I've been financially frugal for years, but even more so in the last few months, so when I do spend money it hurts.

But when I spend money, that in hindsight was a complete waste, I hate myself.

I spent £45 today to stand in a park for 90 minutes and be cold.

I won't go into the details but it involves my ever money eating car.

On the happier side of things I got to spend some of Autumn in the park. I love the park. The light was nice, the air was wet but fresh, and the park was beautiful. It was a fantastic day minus the forty five pounds.

While there I did play on various child designed park toys like the swings and this elephant that rocked back and forth. The elephant looked incredibly sad for being an orange elephant and it had a terrible word (by UK standard) scratched into its forehead. I can only imagine the the elephant's tears are caused by the apathy, and ill behaviour of the children that used to be entertained by rocking but now need more thrill and excitement so vandalise public property with obscenities.

I used to go to this park with my mum, sister and next door neighbours when I was younger. I had vague memories, and I liked that I, in essence, got to say goodbye to something I would never have said goodbye to otherwise.

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Laura said...

This is sweet, Vikkster. On occasion I get a little bout of homesickness and I think about random things I miss. Things I haven't seen or heard of in years and years.

I'm glad you said goodbye to the little orange, abused elephant.