Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy New Week to YOU!

I knew this week was going to be good before it started. When packages and cards begin to arrive it means I'm about to age one year. That's usually good. This year I'm ready to hit that milestone number.

Our guest room is being cleaned up because it'll have it's first occupant this week so our Christmas boxes came out. The tree box was just sitting there... waiting... all alone - all alone because I already unpacked the Nativity scene. I had decided not to erect the tree until there was something to put under it but just couldn't resist the new enormous lights husband bought for it. He put the tree up this afternoon.

I love the end of the year! Why wait to be happy?!

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Elizabeth said...

"Why wait to be happy?"...exactly! One year we were so excited for Christmas that we put our tree up Halloween night. We've backed off since then :)

My birthday is right after Christmas too...can't wait!