Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Gussy'd up!

Hey all! In my journey to support the little guy this holiday season I stumbled upon one of the friendliest and sweetest Etsians ever! Get to know her through this little post (and her twitter)- read on to the very end because she's got a special treat just for you! You're not going to be able to resist... I couldn't!

My name is Gussy and I sew ruffles. I started sewing one year ago and it's been a crazy love affair ever since. I had this wild thought one night. I'd like to learn how to sew. The next time my husband, Zack, and I visited my parents I asked if I could borrow their sewing machine. Little did I know I was about to have the time of my life.

I was supposed to bring the machine back on our next visit, which was a month later, but you know what? I kept it. I kept it and secretly hoped they would be OK with it.

And they were! {whew!} 

Since the sewing machine was mine for a few more weeks I decided it was time to check out thirty books from the public library. I flipped through most of them, as if I knew what I was looking for. At the time I didn't, but I think deep down I was looking for myself. I spent countless nights learning how other women sew. After browsing the pages and watching many online tutorials, I had come up with a plan.

By the way, for all you curious readers out there, I really did check-out about thirty books from the library. 

I began to sew. I tried to sew in a zipper without a zipper foot, and I did it! I had succeeded. I had found a way to sew that was most comfortable for me!

A few months went by and I decided my sewn items needed a name. I thought, I shall call you Gussy. {Because my mom calls me Gussy.} And so the Gussy brand was born, and I was happy. 

Very happy :)

I started sewing a ruffle on everything I made. Soon enough all my items were named: Ruffle Gus, Charming Gus, Mini-Gus, Lovely Gus, and Shady Gus. I'm not afraid to admit there are even more items. But no need to sound absurd, right? :) 

Then I thought, What if I do my ruffles like this? And, What if I sew it together this way? And then my ruffles became even more beautiful. It's true: I love my ruffles.

And again, I was happy. 

I have a blog, Gussy has a lot to say, and it's only most-appropriate that I share my ruffles on there, right? I think so.

Do I have another job, you may be asking? I do. I work at a large advertising agency. I'm a proofreader by day, Gussy sewer-girl by night. I work a lot. I love my work. Gussy is the most fulfilling job I've had to-date. Granted I'm young... but it's the truth. 

I believe it's because Gussy is me, and I am Gussy. I am the girl that loves to sew. Sewing is this new talent that I became incredibly comfortable with. It happened almost overnight. It's for sure, hands down, a God thing. He gave me this talent. I am so thankful. 

Sewing has gotten me and my husband through many tough times: long stretches of unemployment, long stretches of being in a new city and state, long stretches of transition where I desperately need something familiar in my life.

Plop me in my sewing room with my sewing machine, my iron, and my radio-player, and I am ecstatic. 

Life is about changes, and it is about doing daily what makes you the happiest. To me, life is about the journey and the feeling of hot fabric after a recent run-over of the iron. It's about hearing my sewing machine sing to me, it's about watching ruffles be completely themselves as I sew them onto fabric. 

Here at Gypsy Feet, life is about where you wander to and the ruffles you thoroughly love while sewing along the way.

Get your own Gussy from her shop and type "Gussy15" in the message to seller box and she'll give you 15% off any one in-stock item!

Thanks for playing along Maggie, it's been a treat! - Laura


Jacky said...

Yay for Gussy! And I agree, she's the sweetest Etsian I've ever "met". :)

Chiemi said...

How cute!!

mandiegirl said...

I *love* Gussy! :)