Monday, May 4, 2009

Just keep on walking...

today I had one of "those day." you know, the ones where the internet is being wonky, the apartment is a disaster with 7 loads of laundry drying from various shower rods, lamps and chair, the weather is cold and clammy and the dog downstairs just won't stop barking. so, you take a deep breath and oh! there is a voice mail to check. "I'm sorry, the recording department at {music conservatory that shall remain nameless} made a mistake and didn't record your junior recital.
you drop phone. sink to floor. and sob. you go spiraling into a quarter-life crisis. the months of preparation, the energy and magic of the day, the dozens of high notes that went spinning and then were instantly lost into thin air. gone. gone. gone. never to be replaced. when head stopped beating, i decided to take my mind off of said woe and mindlessly blog hunt.

i found yours through Naomi of Rockstar Diaries. i was curious... did i have photos of my feet? of the other feet i love? i began to search through iphoto and was a amazed. apparently i take A LOT of stiletto, boot, foot photos.

they made me laugh and smile. they made me reminisce. they reminded me that life is constantly moving forward, that we're never standing still. and we can't go back in time. but what we can do is more important. we can wake up, put on those fabulous red heels and just keep walking.
Kate, we hope you had a good weekend and that this week is the best EVER for you!

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katie diana said...

it looks like my luck is changing already! thank you gypsy feet for making this dreary monday sunny :)