Friday, May 1, 2009

I freakin LOVE summer!

Prickly green grass.
My favorite spot on the lawn.
Sunbeams tickling my skin.
Toasty red skin.
Dancing light on the inside of my eyelids.
Salty drops of glittery moisture on my skin.
Hair being bleached by the sunshine.
Rustling leaves.
Cloudless sky.
Flip flop tan lines.

Summer, I love you.

What are your favorite things to do outside in the summertime?


Lindsey said...

Mmmm. Flip flop tan lines. I love em. My favorite thing about the summer is the optimism and the productivity that it seems like everyone has during the summer.

Laura said...

Seriously! I know this will sound sarcastic BUT I feel like I've accomplished so much just having those tan lines!

I love the light nights and lighter mornings - not as light as in Scotland but still a bit lighter. It makes me feel more awake.