Monday, May 4, 2009

The anti-feet one:

i hate feet. not sure why i’m still harboring this decades-old disgust for such a helpful body part, but there you go: i’ve outed myself as a foot hater. i’m a little nervous as to the reaction i’ll get from all of you gypsies out there, but i’m not backing down.


maybe this hatred stems from always feeling embarrassed over my wide feet and long, crooked toes. but seriously – feet are nasty, no matter who they belong to. they sweat, they smell, people usually develop some form of fungus on them, they get ingrown toenails, they’re usually dirty. ughhh. i’m shivering right now just thinking about feet.


i honestly see no appeal in the appendages other than being a tool to get me from point a to point b. i do like to paint my toenails fun colors, and of course like any girl i love to dress them up in cute shoes. but do i want to get a pedicure? no – i’ve tried that twice in my life and both times got yelled at for being too jumpy [my feet are ticklish! probably because they’re not used to being touched]. do i want to rub my husband’s feet? definitely not [sorry, babe]. bottom line: i don’t want you looking at my feet and i don’t want to look at yours. Period.


however, i’ve noticed contributors to this blog have a tendency to take pictures of their feet at some special occasion or in some memorable location, which typically involves pointing the camera downward. i have a photo fetish too [and one that induces much less dry heaving]: i like to take pictures of the sky. for some reason, my whole life i have loved to point my camera up at the giant expanse of sky and try to capture the openness and beauty up there. i don’t even have to include people or faces in my pictures – i can see any “random sky” picture saved on my computer and instantly remember where i was when i took it. i just feel this need to save a particular moment – which i think is the purpose of this blog too, just portrayed in a different way.


maybe i DO have something in common with all of you foot-lovers – maybe it doesn’t matter whether we’re taking pictures of gross feet or beautiful clouds, pointing our cameras down or up. maybe all that matters is that we are IN the moment, living our adventure, and we want to remember that.


so here you go – my photo contribution shows you one moment, looking up AND looking down [but without the nasty toes]. this is a shot of the LA sky that I love, along with the most revealing foot picture i can allow for all my new gypsy friends. let’s both enjoy our adventures – but stay the heck away from my feet while you do it :)

I have to say, I was mega excited when Lyndsey wrote this for us. I'm impressed and quite inspired. Thanks, Lyndsey. 

PS. You need to visit again because that's one of the sweetest Gypsy Feet pics I've seen. ;)

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