Friday, May 15, 2009

The sun always shines on his birthday.

Every birthday my husband has had since we've been married we've been at his parents home. I've never felt like I can take over the birthday festivities since the woman who birthed him has been here and I feel like I'd be robbing her of his birthday.

Before I make that sound any more weird than it already does let me explain the picture. For his 22nd birthday people were gone for the day and I wanted to do something special for him. We drove to Walmart to find a slip and slide but they were all out. It was such a lovely sunny, hot day - it was also a Saturday if I recall correctly. So we went home and decided to make one ourselves out of old snaily tarps that were lying around the garden. The fun was kind of short lived as I jolted my shoulder into my face as I slipped and slid. Other than that it was a magical birthday and one I'll top some time... when I think of something better than a slip and slide.

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