Thursday, May 28, 2009

I spy with my little eye...

I don't have a drivers license. That means my adventures can be quite limited and not very spur of the moment. Husband works disgusting hours which means after work he's in no mood for driving or walking or moving.

If I'm lucky and he has a Saturday off he sometimes surprises me with an adventure he's been planning all week. I love to see things. I'm the kid with her face pressed against the glass on a road trip. Trying to see everything. Always pointing to things we pass for husband to look at who always very kindly reminds me that he can look - which he would love to do - and we can die OR he can keep his eyes on the road and we can live. Even if I chose the first option it's too late because of his scripted answer. Life is good though.

Last Saturday he planned a trip to somewhere neither of us had been before. The Arboretum. The day was perfectly sunny. The flowers were beautiful. My hand holding partner was happy. I was happy. The water feature only added to my delight.

Who is your adventure partner? What's the best unplanned adventure you've been on? Is there a place you've been meaning to visit but haven't found time? - I challenge you to go! And send us a picture ;)

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