Tuesday, May 19, 2009

oh the places you'll go...

Sometimes I'm surprised by my surroundings. 
I never really imagined that the landscape around me could be any different than what I grew up with. Scotland is beautiful and I've seen glimpses of it as I've been here in Washington or traveled in Oregon. Idaho is nothing like any place I'd ever been before though and on the opposite end of that is Arizona - two extremes way beyond my mental capacity to imagine without experiencing it for myself first.

In Scotland the landscape is spotted with ruins of ancient buildings - castles, crofts, homes. There's a real sense of history there. The heather covered hills. The only place I've been so far that I feel that same historic spirit is Utah. Those mountains. Breathtaking. A different kind of history.

A couple of evenings ago I was standing out on the deck watching the sun go down and I heard a familiar sound. Geese. It felt like home but at the same time it was so foreign. Geese fly over Scotland in Autumn and Winter. They migrate to Canada. I've never heard geese in summertime before. It made me long for home but it also helped me accept that this is home now too. 

I love this adventure.

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