Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chucks - the bigger the better!

This has been a big growing year for me. I just finished my first year of college at Temple University in Philadelphia. I changed my major second semester and entered the Tyler School of Art, where I'm planning on getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I'm planning on obtaining my teaching certificate and someday maybe moving into art therapy. That being said, I told you that in order to explain how my submission to you came to be. In my 3D class we were given pieces of styrofoam and told to make an extension of our bodies using the foam.  For my project I created a stop motion animation and used the styrofoam to create oversized shoes that I wore all over campus to document a daily routine I follow at school.  It was a pretty fun project to carryout.  In all there were over 3000 pictures taken and countless staring, laughing, and pointing. A few random people even asked to try them on. Hope you enjoy. And I just wanted to thank you for coming up with such a creative blog. I'm always interested to see what kinds of crazy pictures will appear when I log in.

*Check out Jimmy's blog and final project. You'll love it. 

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James said...

thanks so much for sharing my photo. Can't wait to see who else you get to share stories...