Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interview with not-a-vampire:

I never was obsessed. I liked the stories, yeah and I told everyone to read them. I also became a library for people to borrow the books but I was never obsessed. 

There's been a few times I've wanted to spill my Twilighty guts all over the place, at Girls Night usually because my Mr is tired of hearing my griping and complaining. But they'd see my guts are not dazzling but a little more Lord Voldemort-ish. The thing is I love to complain about it as much as others love to lust over it. There's been a few times I've had to try and swallow my tongue to keep control of my Twilight Tourettes. Twilight lovers are people I really don't want to get in a fight with. Can you even imagine how that would end? Probably with me having my head ripped off and thrown in a fire.

I was embarrassed and sort of humiliated when husband dragged me out at midnight to get the film the second it was released. Bless his heart. He thought it was one of those times that 'no' actually meant 'yeeeees!!'.  It didn't.

Sure, I was super pumped to go see the first film and totally did want to go see it opening night but only because it'd be with some of my favourite people, and it was my birthday and I was excited. I didn't see it opening night but another night and it was too much fun. It probably wasn't even legal.

Sure, I posted all the trailers on my blog - and I'll do the same again. I'm out of control. I won't however, ever, ever, EVER see Breaking Dawn. I'll never recommend that book and I'll never post trailers or anything about that on my blog. EW! I try not to ever use the word 'hate' because it's like a swear but I hate Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn can eat my shorts!

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PS. You can thank my little cousin Jennifer for this rant. She started it!


Jennifer said...

BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

soz, jst had to get that off my chest :P

kaye said...

ditto on the breaking dawn--I wish she had never written it! I won't read them again, but as an "older woman" reading it with my young married daughters was a blast. We went to the movie together in matching shirts and had a twilight party after--that was all great fun!

Laura said...

I kind of wanted my mum to read the books but thought I'd be too embarrassed when she got to the last book. I don't know if she'd really be in to any of it though. I did send them to my little sister though and we have that Twilight bond now.