Thursday, May 21, 2009

Panda Expressions...

Along with Italian Soda's I have to admit that Panda Express Orange Chicken is another of my favorite American things. I was so excited to have it last night so I could strike it off my summer list. - Our gypsy, Megan is collecting Live lists. Check it out.

Growing up we'd sometimes get Chinese (or Indian) food as a treat, normally on a Friday or Saturday. It wasn't a frequent thing until we got older and were able to buy our own but we don't have Orange Chicken where I come from. My favorite and 'my usual' was Sweet and Sour King Prawn with Egg Fried Rice. Basically the best thing in the world. My older sister, Emma would always get Chow Mein and I always thought it looked slimey and gross until Panda Express. Now I'm like, "rice who?" YUM!

Panda Express has the best Orange Chicken - crunchy, crispy, zingy, sweet, sticky... but where's the Prawn Crackers? If it's not one thing it's another, right? Although, I think I'm happy to trade the crackers for the take-away boxes I always saw on American films. Love them.

What's your favorite take-away food? 

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