Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vegan shoes meet Mr. Snail:

Today an actual adventure was had.
I complained of being bored and the next thing I know husband is telling me to pack my bag with things an adventurer would pack and dress the part.
Naturally, I grabbed my hot pink gerber daisy anywhere clip and clipped it to myself.
I couldn't find a rope so I grabbed a length of rope lights.
A trowel, 2 belts, 3 kirby grips/bobby pins, a baggy of crackers and a notebook and pen.
It was raining so I took my brolly too.
I slung the rope lights around my shoulder Indiana Jones style and was ready.

A note card was handed to me with my first clue and away we went. 
On our way we noticed so many slugs and snails - perfect because I couldn't think of what to do for my Gypsy Feet picture today.

I like snails.
I like their cheeky little eyeballs and their fancy little shells.
I like the glittery goo trail they leave behind.
I love that they don't bite or sting.
I used to like pigs but now they're giving every one the flu.

I hope snails don't start doing that.


Beth Adams said...

I like snails too. Somehow they are much cuter than yucky slugs. Snails just go their quiet little way with their houses on thier backs while slugs just ooze and masquarade as their cuter cousins.

emma said...

hey I gave a 'snail' spiritual thought today in yw.. hard to believe but indeed true.