Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like a Deer in Disco lights...

I don't remember the first time I came across Doe Deere but I do remember the picture that made her stick in my mind. The little antler wearing deer girl. A-doe-rable, no?
I know I don't need to convince you that she's great but we all know I love a good list so here goes...

Why I heart Doe Deere:
Her make-up and tutorials.
Her blog and creativity and beauty.
Her name and her zest and her pep talks.
Her thoughts and stories.
Her tootsies and shoes!
"I'll be honest - when I first heard about The Gypsy Feet blog, I was convinced it was run by a dirty old man! But seeing how Laura is not old and not a man at all, it's ok to indulge in a little foot fetishism. ;)

My feet are different sizes. No matter what I do, the right one seems to be at least half an inch longer than the left! Sometimes I wish they sold mismatched pairs for odd-footed people like me. I love to dress up my own feet in colorful socks, shoes & nail polishes. Yesterday I bought two identical pairs of shoes in different colors: sea-foam green and yellow. I plan to wear the yellow on my left foot and the green on my right. Now, of course, I'm stuck with an extra pair of mismatched shoes - maybe I'll sell them on eBay!"

What are you waiting for?
Be a Deerling and go visit her!

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nicole addison said...

i love the baby blue polka dotted toe nails!