Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't let the sun go down on me...

Have I shared my love of traditions here before? I'm not sure if I have but I'm about to!
The tradition that goes with this picture is this:

Y2K. My parents made plans to get up and go down to the beach to take pictures of the millennial sunrise. The first sunrise of the new millennium did not disappoint. It was absolutely beautiful and quite a lot of other people had the same idea to go take pictures of it. Since then it's something my mum and dad have done together every year. 

I got married in 2004 and came to America. My husband was able to join in the early morning adventure in 2004 when he was visiting. After that we haven't been able to join in until this last New Year when we were in Scotland again. It's something I've missed. Bringing in the New Year surrounded by family. So tired and excited. I'm not a very emotional person but there's something absolutely completely magical and sacred about watching the sun rise on a new year.

I have a picture frame on my wall. The top picture is a beautiful red and orange New Year sunrise taken in 2002 and beneath that is a lovely blue and green sunrise of New Years morning 2004 with husband and I clinging to one another with ginormous smiles plastered on our chattering, frozen faces.

I found him in 2002 and married him in 2004 (that's his foot on that first morning of 2004 at that beach). It seems extremely appropriate that those two pictures go together. 

New beginnings. Adventures. Challenges. So many memories. New traditions of our own.

What are your favorite family traditions? Have you incorporated your childhood traditions into your grown up life? Made new ones all together? I want to hear about it!

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