Saturday, May 16, 2009

So I married an...

Sometimes I have random amazing thoughts. Like lightening bolt thoughts. They happen sometimes and stun me. My recent thought was this, "I felt more comfortable in my wedding dress last week playing around in the garden with Kirsten than I did on my wedding day!"

It was a bizarre thought and at first I thought, "Shame on me! How could I think such a thing?! My wedding day is a day I should cherish, forever and always. Prancing about in the garden in my dress is disgraceful!"

Then I was like, "Hey self, simmer down! It's just a dress and it is sort of a costume anyway. You spent a good few pounds/dollars on it! Congratulate yourself for wearing it more than once AND 5 years later, at that aaaaand for enjoying wearing it."

When it came to getting married I didn't care what I was wearing. I didn't care about cake or anything. I was so happy to be marrying the man. I was more excited for the marriage than the wedding, I guess.

Now I think I'd have liked to have done things differently. To have had a photographer and a huge party and cute invitations and shoes and favours and a dress I actually liked and didn't buy just because it was on sale and stuff...

How strange it is to sort of regret not caring about the wedding.

I'm terribly happily married though. I can't complain about that.

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Brooke said...

I love your blog. There is something very magical about it. I think prancing around in your wedding dress is an awesome idea! Love dress up!