Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm just sayin'...

Today has been a kind of dreamy, exciting but nothing out of the ordinary day. It's just one of those happy kind of days. It's one of those days that you laugh at everything. Even if it wasn't one of those days I'd still have laughed at this email I got from Lyndsey W:

"so...cute blog. i clicked over b/c i read the rock star diaries and wanted to know what naomi was talking about. thing is -- i hate feet. hate hate hate. my own, other people's, all feet are gross to me. i don't even let my husband touch mine. [i do, however, have an obsession with toe nail polish, so take that for what it's worth.] can i write an anti-feet post for you? :)"

I get it. I totally do! Write away! See how I posted a picture of just my shoes for you?  

To be honest I'm actually not a fan of feet either. I have never had any kind of foot fetish. I actually have foot issues. My feet are so tickley I can't even touch them! I have to be creative when it comes to washing my feet because there's no way a bar of soap is going to touch them. I can't touch my feet. That's just one of the issues. I'm not a hater but I sorta-kinda-maybe like them. Just don't touch mine or touch me with yours. Ew!

Then I got another email that I'm pushing to the start of The Gypsy Feet que and will post on Monday - someone remind me. Basically this email encompasses the whole purpose of this project. It sort of made me proud.

Gypsy Feet isn't about feet. It's about the places we go, the people we meet, adventures, opposite of adventures etc... I know there's a couple knock-off Gypsy Feet sites out there. That used to bother me a bit that people could steal my baby and try pawning it off as their own BUT it is their own because we are Gypsy Feet. The whole point of this site is to share with other people, other Earth wanderers. It isn't about pedicures and shiny shoes. It's about who you were with and why you got the pedicure, how it made you feel, what was on the radio when you got it.

I love it when you send us your pictures and stories. I love seeing the evidence and reading about an adventure that doesn't even have the word "feet" in it. You can tell so much about that day just from the picture.

Love or hate them, we're all seeking after the same things and our feet take us to them...

It's about adventures, yo! 


liso. said...

i clicked to you guys yesterday and was thinking about sending you a pic. then i read this post, and the decision was made!

love it, added you to my reader, can't wait to read the old stuff!

we've been taking foot/chaco pictures 4ever! i love this idea...

Jessatsea said...

from one gypsy feet (planted) to another... Hi.

I started my blog because I went from being a world traveler to being a momma... firmly planted but still having adventures.

Anyway... I look forward to reading more.


Camille said...

Was visiting with Conversation with a Cupcake and decided to "browse" a bit. What a cute idea for your blog! :) How inspirational. I'll be coming back to read more adventures!

coors cowgirl 21 said...

i came across your site and fell in love. what a wondeful concept, truly inspiring. i am now following you and cant wait to see all the wonderful gypsy feet

SamSarcasm said...

in good company <3