Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Irn Shoes.

When I was wee my friends and I used to stand on cans and wedge them on our shoes. We would then continue to play with cans on our feet and make tapping or scraping noises on the hard ground outside. This would be kept up until the can fell off when they would get too loose to grip on to our narrow feet.

I re-created this Irn Bru can shoe this evening. It was a lot harder to get the can to mold to my foot – now that my feet are wider and longer. I walked around the house with it on for twenty minutes. Amazing.

I also love Irn Bru.

Made in Scotland from Girders... Barr's Irn Bru.


Laura said...

YUUUUSS! I love this Vikki! I love the rhymey title. I love the story. I love that I used to do that too but my told me I'd cut my feet from doing it and so was too scared to it. I love it alllll.

Vikki Miller said...

Thanks so much. I needed to redeem mysel somehow from my lack of posts last week.

I'm so pleased you used to do this too. We are totally kindred spirits :)

I think my mum would try to stop me doing it, but she was more concerned about me marking and destroying my black Magic Princess key shoes from Clarkes – which I wore with a shell suit and white socks. How stylish.


Laura said...

I had black paten Magic Princess shoes from Clarkes as well. I wore mine with high waisted black jeans and white socks. Almost as stylish as you.