Monday, April 6, 2009

A rogue river runs through it...

"Dad and I were out hiking today on the Rogue River Trail. It's a 41 mile trail that I used to hike when I was I kid. Sometimes it was with scouts and other times it was just myself and some friends. The memories are great ones...

 The [first picture is] at the beginning of the trail. I'm standing on a rock with my toes hanging over the edge about 6 inches above the river flowing under my feet. 

The [second pictures is] at one of the popular stops along the trail. It's 3.2 miles from the trail head and is where dad and I had our picnic and then started our return trip back to the car. 

What you see beyond my feet is Whisky Creek flowing into the Rogue River."

-Whiskey Feet

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