Monday, February 23, 2009

Cup o' frost bite.

We had a tea party last week. It began with 2 cars, 4 girls and two sleepy little boys setting out on an adventure - after having a quick dance party in the carpark, ofcourse. Cars were packed with funky orange chairs, a table, cookies, girls with big flowers on their heads and Mika

We ended up up to our knees in snow and we stayed that way for 4-ish hilariously quirky hours. This picture was taken at the beginning of the tea party photoshoot, before Megan's pinky toes turned into ice and began dislocating themselves to the outside of her shoe. It was a horrific sight but honestly she looked great, we all did!

What's a little frostbite for the sake of awesomeness?

It all ended with a little tea party team work...


Megan Marie said...

what a silly day that was. I'm pretty hot pushing that car in the snow.

Laura said...

You were. That's why I took pictures before swooping in to rock the car down the driveway.

It was a lot of fun.