Tuesday, February 17, 2009


One of my favourite things about visiting Salt Lake City is the random graffiti.

My second time coming to this city was when I was technically moving here temporarily. I knew no one and I was pitching up for seven weeks, on my own. I ended up living with an old German Nazi – in his attic. Because I was using public transport I met a lot of interesting characters, one of which said to me, 'Welcome to the only theocracy in the United States.'

This is an interesting city, with a lot of interesting foundations, opinions, precepts and development. Unsurprisingly the oxymoron of religious graffiti is prevalent.

I enjoy finding this stencil sprayed on the pavements in random locations. I think because there's no Christian denomination attached to it. It could have been a Baptist, a Catholic, a Protestant, a Presbyterian or, in fact, a Mormon, that did this, I enjoy the mystery.

Remember, trust Jesus.

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