Saturday, February 28, 2009


What's the first pair of shoes you ever remember wearing?


Melanie:) said...

The first pair of shoes that I remember wearing were ballet slippers. I took ballet class when I was three years old, and I loved it. I loved the shoes, and I wore them almost everywhere. I probably even wore them to school one day:).

MotorMouth said...

A pair of Vans like sneakers that were too small for the boys that we grew up with so their mothers gave it to my mom for me and my sister

so basically the first pair of shoes i remember wearing were boy shoes

and i'm super-feminine now :)

Liz said...

I had some sandals fondly referred to as 'trippy-uppy shoes' owing to the fact that I frequently tripped up in them. I must have been about 3, but strangely the accidents didn't stop me wearing them!

It was just the beginning of shoe related clumsiness...

Laura said...

Melanie: I wish I had that memory! Sounds magical.

MotorMouth: That reminds me of the gym shoes kids would wear for gym class back home. They were called Sand Shoes. Ugly little things that I was lucky enough to never have to own.

Liz: That sparked a memory for me. My older sister used to have a pair of white sandals that I'd wear for dressing up. I remember pretending to be a teacher when I was wearing them. I was carrying a blackboard downstairs and tripped because the shoes were too big. I fell down the stairs with a big blackboard :S

I also had a pair of school shoes when I was about 15 that I'd always fall whilst wearing.