Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We're not blue, lily...

My tired, weary feet.  

They get this way because of my loves.

My love for photography (so much walking)

My love for my kids (chasing after them, how I chase!),

My love for dancing around the living room (shoeless),

My love for really cute yet uncomfortable shoes (will do anything for cute shoes).

We stinkin'  LOVE Blue Lily. When I told Megan Blue Lily was going to be our guest she actually died. Three times.


Megan Marie said...

So glad they are tired from love, and not drudgery. You are an inspiration!

Eve said...

What about me, Wendy? Don't I make your feet tired?

Wendy said...

Thanks Megan!

Eve, you don't make any part of my body tired.

Shannon and Andrew said...

Anything for a cute pair of shoes. And you do have many.