Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green – Post St Patrick's Day.

Whenever I come back to Scotland I always marvel and get excited at how green and beautiful the entire country looks. Flying into London, or into Glasgow makes me gasp with excitement and almost shed a tear of pride that I belong to something so incredibly beautiful.

Most tourists always remark at how green the place is, and I always laugh or scorn, but it's not until you've been to the western USA and you see how brown and desolate their beauty is that you realise that the green of the United Kingdom is stunning beyond all reason.

Today I went for a walk with my mother, and although it wasn't very scenic or exciting, it stirred up childhood memories and there really was a lot of green, which seemed appropriate for St Patrick's day being yesterday and the fact that my mother is Irish. Oh yes she yes.

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Laura said...

True. There's places here in the west that are very green - like where Stuart's parents live but it's a different kind of green.
When we were in Scotland over Christmas the first thing I did when I went outside was gulp in all the thick, fresh, damp air. There's nothing like it. Scott thought I was mad because I kept saying how much it 'smelled like home'. I miss it.