Saturday, March 28, 2009


I love scrabble. I sometimes crave playing it.

I hadn't played properly in well over six months and last night was my first time playing again.

My brother and I watched dumb and dumber while scrabble-ing it up.

Although he won in the end, I technically helped with a lot of his words. I don't care about the winning so much, I just love making words.


Laura said...

I really love Scrabble but it has to be a quick game. I hate waiting for people to take their turn. Have you ever played Extreme Scrabble?

Vikki Miller said...

Extreme scrabble sounds interesting. You would hate playing with my mother, she seriously takes about 10-15 minutes a turn. Looking to see what double or triple square she can hit. She's got tactic, whereas I just want to make words... and I do get bored and frustrated with it, quickly. I think during this game I actually exchanged my letters at one point because I was stumped.

I wonder if extreme scrabble would tickle the fancy of my Jon... he really hates scrabble, so I need to find a way to make it appeal to him :)


Laura said...

For extreme Scrabble you lay all the tiles on the table (no board needed) upside down and mix them. You can play on teams. Each team takes 12 tiles and flips them over.

The point of the game is to use all the tiles by making as many words as possible. Each word needs to be joined to another like how it is in real scrabble.

When one team has all their tiles used up they shout "Go" or something like unto it and each team takes one more tile and has to incorporate it into their game. If you have to rearrange all your tiles then so be it. You can take them apart and shuffle the letters about as much as you want to.

You can use any words but they have to be real or words you use. Place names, people names are all good too.

You should try it. I think you'd like it.