Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kira's gypsy feet

greetings! kira here, these are my feet and this is my very first posting on gypsy feet. i am very honored to be a new poster, and since i am new i just want to take a moment to introduce myself. i couldn't think of a more appropriate way to introduce myself than to tell my history of feet.
when i was a child i hated feet. i cannot think of anything i hated more. i know it is a strange fetish for a child, but it was definitely a fetish. i didn't want to see, smell or touch anyone else's feet. and i did not want them touching mine. my friends and family all knew of my fetish and they would constantly tease me by putting their feet on me. yuck.
in high school a good friend of mine was determined to get me over my foot fetish so every time we watched a movie together she would sit next to me and put her feet on me. it really really bothered me and she knew it did, which only egged her on. one day, i realized that the only way i would get her to stop is to act as though it didn't bother me. by acting as though i wasn't bothered i began to really believe that feet did not bother me. and wallah! i magically got over my foot fetish.
now i love feet and everything (well, almost everything) to do with them; pedicures, foot massages, get the picture. one day me and my feet stumbled across laura's blog and we have become bloggy friends. i think she noticed my many foot photos because she invited me to be a regular gypsy feet poster. so, here i am!

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Laura said...

Woo Woooo! Yay Kira! I'm excited to have you here. I did notice you have a lot of foot pictures on your blogs. Mmmhmmm. I expect great things from you!