Monday, March 9, 2009

The Black and White winner iiiiiis...

We loved all the pictures submitted and are so excited to have people play along with us with our themes! It's so exciting to see the creativity and awesomeness of our Gypsy Feet fans.

The admirable mentions and runners up are these:

We like to be fair and feature everyone. The winner though gets the biggest space... drumroll please....

"This is my attempt at playing the piano with my feet! I had such a laugh creating this one and my son was wondering what on earth Mummy was up to. I love to play the piano and teach it too and I'm so grateful for the talents I've been blessed with. Each of us has something to share and a little laughter to bring to the world... especially if we use our Gypsy Feet!!!!"

We love that Kirsty pointed out this: "Each of us has something to share and a little laughter to bring to the world... " SO true! It's important for us to be grateful for our talents and abilities always! 

Another thought that came through the black and white theme is this: "...Winter to Spring, from death and sleep to birth and awakening, this season truly is "black and white"..." Love it!

Thanks everyone who took part. Check out our facebook for this weeks theme.


Vikki Miller said...

These are all fantastic. I love the zebra socks and the black and white socks and the tape measure feet and all of them actually. So good.

Piano feet are fantastic, such a good idea. I like how far you can actually stretch your big toe. Good job.


Laura said...

I loved all the pictures too. Everyone had such a different take on the theme. I couldn't pick a favorite.