Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

I spent 10 and a half weeks with my love.

Now that we're apart, I miss him terribly, all I have are the memories until I see him again.

One of my memories among other things is Ice Skating. We first did it as a double date at the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Salt Lake's West Valley. Although I hadn't been in years, and I wasn't very good I enjoyed finding my balance and working it all out – with him.

I liked it so much it was even my 'leaving evening' activity of choice.

The love of the ice.


Laura said...

Mmmmm so sweet. I hope you can ice skate for eternity together... but not all the time. More like 'have the option to ice skate'...

Vikki Miller said...

Whenever I have been skating I spend the next hour walking around in my shoes as if I am skating still. I take long sliding strides... it's funny how muscles work like that, they just like repeating themselves.

I hope we can all skate together :)