Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dust off... everything. It's sort-of Spring! by Megan Marie

Spring top ten..

10. spotting yucky grass replacing snow
9. opening my windows
8. perusing clothing catalogues (then finding things like my favorites at a thrift store)
7. wearing shorts with heals
6. puddle jumping
5. leaving my appartment
4. pink blossums, pink smoothies, pink cheeks, just the color pink in general
3. reminiscing about last spring, and realizing it's my son's first on this earth
2. laughing at the college students making-out in random spots around the city
1. defrosting my hope

Leave a comment sharing your spring favorite and I might just take and post a tribute photo especially for you.


Laura said...

You have some of my favorite. In winter though I don't page as much attention to my toe nails (or my hairy legs) so in Springtime I paint my nails a lot (and shave my beastly legs)... also, picnics, twittering birds and Easter are my favorite spring things.

dreamgypsie said...

My spring favorites?!?!
Trees with flowers in FULL bloom. My favorites are the pink and white! I'm smiling just thinking about it!
Weather in the 70s and 80s! In my opinion the weather here in AZ shouldn't get ANY hotter than that!

chelsea said...

Since we don't really have seasons here, I'll have to draw on my memories from Oregon. I always loved how Spring heightened our sense of needing to neglect our studies and head out into nature.

Matthew James said...

I like lazy Saturday mornings during Spring. When the sun is so bright shining through the bedroom window, but you just lounge on the bed with your sweetheart because it is still a tad bit cold outside, you are still tired from that hour of sleep you lost when you "Sprung Forward", and especially because life so doesn't get better than this...

Kat & Paul said...

I love finding that warm patch of sun....especially the one that streams through the apartment window that makes you want to curl up like a cat and absorb its warmth.