Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Expectations.

"I spent 4 days in LA with my sister and a girlfriend visiting our other girlfriend. We found LA dreary and dismal, I mean the Hollywood Blvd we all see on tv is only 3 blocks long! Our highlight was Disneyland. But on our last morning, before our plane left, my local friend took us to Santa Monica Pier. It was gray out and smelly. And no one was around. But I did get some great photographs. And this one is my favorite. It sums up the highlights of the entire trip and our expectations for what we had hoped it would be. It’s my sister on the left and my LA friend on the right."
"I hate my feet… they are known as Damon Feet. A throwback to the Flintstone era inherited from our father’s family, our feet are wide and thick, and we all have them- brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. So imagine my surprise when my beautiful baby boy is born and he has long thin feet with long toes! I love this picture with our wedding rings. He is only a week old, and still soft and squishy."


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