Friday, December 18, 2009

The Secret:

This picture is of the feet I used in high school.  Heels gave me confidence I needed. 
I was a comfortably dressed, happy girl until my boyfriend of three years suddenly broke up with me.  Overnight I became a modest fashionista.  I loved to shop.  I loved to find clothes that fit well and complimented me.  I’m pretty sure I was responsible for a large chunk of Kohl’s cleared sale items that winter; I changed my hair three times in the remainder of the school year; and best of all, the shoes multiplied: 10, 20, 30, 35 pairs.
It may seem like a vain preoccupation, but I prided myself in dressing smartly and to my body type rather than to the trends.  I learned to love myself this way.  And the shoe always made the outfit.
There’s something wonderful about the connection between shoes you wear and where your feet are taking you.  My feet carried me to college, where many of the clad heels and bowed flats became secondhand to tennis shoes and lots of walking.  Both styles fit my life in different ways.
The secret is to dress your feet well and let them carry you where they may.

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