Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And on a practical note:

I thought i would send you a picture of my second ingrown surgery!
For those who have had one should know that if it gets this bad...

it was pretty gruesome!

I hate em.
I have had 2 surgerys now, on the same toe.
Take care of your toes and you won't have to be stuck with a big fat numb toe. :)
It's not fun. Even though it's a cute color!

p.s i'm afraid i have two more on my right toe.

Peri is one of my new favorite bloggers. Go check her out.
I hope your tootsies get better soon, Peri. -Laura


Megan Marie said...

I am crazy about this girl, Laura, where did you find her? She's hilarious!

Laura said...

I know! I love her. She sent us that picture of her toe and I followed the link to her and have been lurking around her blog ever since. She cracks me up AND is super creative. She's an awesome example of how to have fun - and how to get stung by scorpions.

perfectly peri said...

This makes me smile.
and so did all of the wonderful comments i got on my blog!
Thanks guys!

Mallory Fraughton said...

I can answer your question megan..... she's pretty much the most amazing hilarious person you'll ever meet. And also one of my best friends.
that's who she is.
; )