Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Computer Trouble Wednesday. [ Vikki ]

I've had computer trouble since Friday last week.

The apple mac, 17inch mac daddy, that is my fifth appendage has been out of service since around that time too.

I'm currently on an old PC, sharing my patient electronic geek feet with you.

The laptop is currently hooked up as another drive to my old G4 tower mac (which I was meant to sell to someone last week - thank goodness I didn't) which is running a data recovery programme in an attempt to get my design work, photographs, and everything else I ever added to that laptop in the past year.

This is day three of active attempts and I'm hopeful that by tomorrow morning all will be well. We'll see though.

Hopefully next wednesday will be a little more picturesque and entertaining.

My advice... backup. Everyone says it. No one does it until something file-tragic happens to them.

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Laura said...

Oh dear. I back everything up - only because Stuart tells me to and I rely on my little portable hard drive a lot.

Good luck!