Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lady of the House:

I've told you about my mum before and how she taught me my Gypsying ways. She also instilled in me my love of photography, sunshine and handmade accessories. She's a knitting machine and has been since she was 3 years old. She taught me to knit and I can, about 23 times slower than she does and certainly not with my eyes closed like she does.

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Tell me something wonderful about your mother.


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

How about something about my Mother-in-law?? Her name was Gertie. She taught my baby girls the art of dancing on sewer caps... you have to stop and do a twirl on every cap you pass! They grew, she passed away, they teach their children, they dance, and Gertie smiles from Heaven!

Christiana said...

My mother makes the most perfectly delicious cinnamon toast.

It's light and sweet and buttery and cinnamony.

And even though I'm now 27 years old, when she makes it for me, she cuts it into 4 triangles.

"It tastes better that way," she says.

And every time I bite into it, I'm surprised again at how good it is.

And how it tastes like h e a v e n.

perfectly peri said...

my mother,
slaps her knees when she laughs,
whistles while she works,
forgets where her phone is when it's in her back pocket,
and is a very good iron er.
yes. i love my mother.


kaye said...

my mother taught me gypsing ways, we traveled here and there on many fun adventures. She taught me to cook, and to sew--but best of all she taught me children are to be loved and enjoyed and payed attention to.

Megan Marie said...

Thinking about her laugh makes me homesick. And then I remember that most of the times when she laughs, it's about one of her own corny jokes. This makes me want to walk 800 miles to see her.

Laura said...

Diana: I love that.

Christiana: I'm hungry now. And when I go home my mum buys me my Billy Bear sandwich meat. It's always especially for me - because nobody else likes it BUT it's just for *me*!

Peri: My mum sings all the time! She sings most when she's in the kitchen and they're usually traditional Scottish songs. Someday I'll sing them and my kids will hear. She also irons everything.

Kaye: I love that! Your mother sounds wonderful and so do you!

Megan: My mum laughs at me too. It's definitely something I miss.