Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm like a babbling brooke... babbling.

July 4th 2008,
Marysville, WA

I couldn't think of what to post seeing as I haven't taken a picture recently (and because the site make-over is driving me batty!) but I wanted to share:

When I email people to let them know we used the picture they submitted I say something like "we featured you". I have to fight against myself to actually use the word "featured" because to me it is far too hilariously punny. I fight even harder not to spell it like this - Feetured.

I am ridiculous.

Just know that when you send a picture to us and I post it you've made my day and I've spent probably 7 minutes laughing out loud typing the word "featured".


It tickles me pink when I run across this. People featuring us on their sites! I love it.


Vikki Miller said...

Oh my gosh... feetured is a brilliant thing. You should write feetured, I think it's funny.

It's got the quirk that the GF is all about. :)

Just when I wrote GF there, it reminded me of this club in Ireland called the GFS – The Girl's Friendly Society – it's like the irish version of Brownies and Guides.

Feetured. I love it. :)

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Your so funny... I loved getting the message I was FEETURED!

Laura said...

Oh no, don't encourage me! It's such a struggle for me! I think some people might actually throw up if I really wrote it. Hahaha.

jen said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that gets giddy over silly puns...You should definitely put feetured!