Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Naked Feet Part Two. [Vikki]

Two weeks ago today I posted my introduction blog that showed my naked feet and gave you the naked truth.

Little did I know that mere hours after that post I would have to change number six which read:

6. I have a fantastic boyfriend who sadly lives in Salt Lake, or soon to be California... and long distance is terrible.


6. I have a fantastic fiance who sadly lives in Salt Lake, or soon to be California... and long distance is terrible.

That's right... on the 1st of July my American boy asked me to marry him via the most creative amazing proposal ever. He'd actually been planning and making it for over 3.5 months.

He constructed and made super grover and elmo, and then made a movie trailer featuring him in it. He set up the entire night to revolve around watching this movie, and proposed in reality after staging a performance that involved the TV and left me confused about what reality and fantasy are.

I, of course, said yes, and wear my Lego ring with pride. He insists that it's only temporary but I honestly love my lego ring so much.

Sorry to keep you all waiting a week to find out, I had to tell my Mother – to her face – first. I've still not told everyone though, but it's soon going to be hard to keep it in the bag.

The sad end of the tale is that a mere 4 days after getting engaged I left him for an unknown amount of time. Terrible. But it's easier knowing that, with time, I will be with him forever.


Megan Marie said...

AWESOME! Congratulegos!

kaye said...


Laura said...

SHUT UP!!! I knew it! I kneeeew this would happen! YAAAAAAY! I'm so excited for you!

Carlotta said...

wow congrats!!!

Vikki Miller said...

Thank you so much. I'm still kind of shocked about it.

I wanted it... no doubt about that. I just didn't expect it so soon. haha.

I'm totally consumed with paperwork now. Consumed.

Once that's done I get to be serious about weddings. Eeeeheeeheee.